5 Sure Signs He Doesn't Want Serious Relationships

No one wants to waste time on a relationship that will end in a month. But it's one thing if you just don't match each other, and quite another if a man is initially set up only for sex without any commitments – and for so long as it is convenient for him. The question is how to recognize that the guy is not going to build a long-term relationship with you? There are 5 signs that he is definitely not serious about you.

1. He does not use the pronoun "we"

Speech is what betrays men in the first instance. They know how to lie, they are able to come up with a cunning legend without even giving themselves away by the discrepancy of small details. But ordinary, daily conversations can betray them. Of course, a man will use the pronoun "we" because it is impossible to do without it when dating someone, but this will always be said concerning the near future: "Are we going to the cinema tomorrow?" But not: "When we will go on vacation together, we ..." If the guy is not planning anything serious with you, he will not use "we" in conjunction with "when." Never.

2. He presents you with gifts that can be given to any other girl

He gives you flowers, sweets, creepy baskets of cosmetics... Everything that can be given to any girl at any time. Such gifts indicate that a man does not have the slightest interest in your personality. Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, it is quite challenging to guess what will delight a lady, because women are very different whether you are engaged in Ukrainian girls dating or build relationships with an American lady. However, a man in love is able to remember the name of your favorite author, the brand of your perfume, or at least your taste preferences. But this is about a guy who is really in love with you. And a not serious man will bring you just a bar of chocolate and roses – that's fine as it is.

3. He doesn't ask you serious questions

There is not the slightest hint of heart-to-heart talks "about life": if a man is not going to build a long-term relationship, he is not interested in your family, hobbies, friends, and experiences. He talks only about what is happening at the moment with both of you. Hence, the guy may discuss with you the movie you have just watched, but he will never ask who your favorite director is and why. If you yourself start a conversation about your inner experiences, the man will keep up the talk precisely in such a way so as not to get involved in the problem. That is, he will sympathize with you but will not offer any help.

4. He does not help you "like a man"

Whether you like it or not, some household chores are still divided into typically female and typically male ones. This system works, and you turn to it every day: if you need help in cooking a festive dinner, you will most likely call your female friend, and if your faucet is gushing or your gadget has suddenly broken, you will most likely ask a man for help... Thus, a guy who is not going to build a serious relationship with you will refuse to help. He will refuse with a completely logical formulation: he does not understand anything about this – let the professionals go about their business. And a man, who is set up for a serious relationship, tries to show his beloved lady that she can rely on him in everything even if he is actually clueless about the matter. Therefore, he will take the tool and tinker with the wretched faucet until one of them breaks. A man who is not serious about you doesn't care about all these "marriage games". He's not going to prove to you that he is the coolest and most reliable male in the world.

5. He tells you bluntly that he does not want serious relationships

On the one hand – what a pity that you have come across such an enchanting wanker. Whatever gave him the idea that you are counting on something serious?! On the other hand, thank God that now, you have every reason to say goodbye to this man right away. After all, the phrase "I'm not ready for a serious relationship yet" implies only one answer: "Okay, goodbye!"