Best recipes for a date night

A romantic dinner at home is very exciting, especially if everything happens for the first time. Every little thing is important in such an evening. After all, arranging a meeting in a restaurant is a wonderful idea, but cooking dinner for two independently is quite a brave thing. How to make a good dinner that will leave only the best memories and a desire to repeat everything again? Here you have a couple of recipes.

Ideas for dinner: easy, tasty and useful. Do not hurry to cook a thick soup or twist a dove. It is better if the dishes you cook are simple (they will contain a maximum of 4-5 ingredients) and will not leave any place for mistakes.

Therefore, we give a farewell goodbye to greasy soups, cutlets, mayonnaise salads, flour products, potato liver, and other heavy dishes. They are too calories-dense and cause only one desire – to lay on a couch after you have eaten. If you still want your dinner to be filling, try cooking pasta with a delicious sauce!

• Pasta with pumpkin sauce

Boil the spaghetti in with a pinch of salt. For the sauce you will need:

-200 g fresh sweet pumpkin;

-300 g of peeled frozen or fresh shrimp;

-garlic, olive oil;

-100 ml of heavy cream;

-salt, pepper, dried herbs.

Pumpkin cut into thin slices (if the partner does not like this vegetable, it can be replaced by mushrooms). Fry the garlic on melted butter and add pumpkin. Fry till golden color. Then add shrimp. Cook them up until they’re pink. Pour cream, add salt, pepper, and seasonings. When the sauce boils, add pasta and stir. Before serving, sprinkle with grated parmesan. This dish will be complemented by white wine.

• Meat with cream in pots

This is an amazingly delicious meal. The time for cooking is minimal, and meat, in the end, tastes soft and juicy. Ingredients:

-800 g of any meat

-4 pieces onions

-8 tablespoons of cream

-vegetable oil 4-5 cent. Spoons

-salt 1.5 teaspoons (to taste)

-black ground pepper 0,5 teaspoons

-spices 0.5 tsp spoons (your favorite spices for meat)

-300 ml of water or broth

Wash the meat and cut into pieces of the required size. Clean the onion and cut it the way you like. Slightly fry the pieces of meat on vegetable oil on the frying pan for 10 minutes. Add chopped onion, salt, and spices. Mix well and fry for 8-10 minutes more. Put the mixture into pots and pour the required amount of water. Put the cream on top. Cover the pots with a lid and put them in the preheated oven. Bake them on 200 degrees and cook for 30 minutes. If you have used beef, the time of cooking will increase.

• Strawberry souffle

This desert based on berries and cream was truly created for an unforgettable romantic dinner. We offer you to cook it in the form of soufflé. Necessary ingredients:

-150 grams of strawberries

-15 grams of gelatin

-100 grams of cream, preferably 30%

-100 grams of sugar

-mint leaves

Pour 75 ml of cold water into a cup with gelatin and leave for half an hour for it to swell. Then melt gelatin on a steam bath. Blend the strawberry into a puree and mix it with sugar. Add the cream. Pour two tablespoons of cream into a separate glass, they will be needed for decoration. Add the melted gelatin to the mixture and actively stir. Put into the fridge until solid. Decorate with the rest of the cream and mint leaves.